Ford Car Manufacturing Warranties in Colorado

Shopping for a new Ford vehicle is exciting, exhilarating, and completely stressful. The idea of dropping a significant amount of money on a new car can shake even the steadiest of hands. 

One persistent concern is purchasing an expensive new car only to discover a defect just after you bought it from the Ford dealership. Luckily, Colorado car warranty laws, such as Colorado’s Lemon Law, are in place to protect consumers from exactly this scenario. 

New Ford purchases come with a manufacturer’s warranty that stipulates a course of action should a defect be discovered by the car’s owner. 

However, car dealers and manufacturers will do all they can to avoid actionable warranty claims.  Even after you’re brought your car in for the same issue four or more times, they won’t tell you that you can pursue a warranty claim against the manufacturer. 

In order to get the solutions you deserve in car warranty cases with Ford, sometimes it is necessary to retain legal counsel. Here are some facts about car warranty laws in Colorado you should be familiar with, brought to you by The Bayas Firm.

What are Car Warranty laws in Colorado for Ford Vehicles?

The most significant car warranty law in Colorado is called the “Lemon Law.” Lemon is a term used to describe a malfunctioning, broken, or defunct automobile. Lemon laws are put in place to protect the consumer who purchases or leases a new car that turns out to be defective.

But, in this instance, a Ford manufacturer’s warranty should protect the consumer in Colorado, right? That is the idea! But unfortunately, car dealers and manufacturers know how to fight warranty claims and the typical consumer does not.

What Ford vehicles are covered by warranty laws in Colorado?

Colorado Lemon Laws cover new passenger vehicles, SUVs, vans, and trucks that are purchased from a registered dealer in Colorado. In order for a vehicle to be considered a “lemon,” it must meet the following requirements:
  • Was purchased in the state of Colorado
  • Does not conform to the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Has substantial defects affecting the use of the vehicle or it’s safety
  • Has defects that occurred during the first 12-months from the original owners delivery date
  • Four attempts to repair the same issue has occurred
  • After four attempts, the manufacturer is notified and given the opportunity to repair the vehicle

Getting justice for Colorado warranty law violations

If your new Ford vehicle purchase is determined to be a lemon under lemon law statute stipulations, the claimant has several options. You may be awarded a comparable (year, make, model) vehicle. You may also qualify for a monetary award, including: 

  • Full purchase price, including taxes
  • Fees
  • Attorney’s fees

This monetary amount may be reduced by a deduction for your use of the vehicle. 

When Should You Consider Hiring an Attorney?

If you are just noticing a defect in your new Ford purchase or are deep in the lemon law process, we can help! The Bayas Firm specializes in warranty laws in Colorado and we will be there for you every step of the way until your case is resolved.

Car manufacturers and dealers will come at you with a team of lawyers whose only job it is to fight warranty claims. Fight back with an experienced team of your own!